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Confidence & Respect with Kids Martial Arts

Martial arts classes normally makes you think of self-defense, being strong, fit and safe. The truth is, at Paradigm Martial Arts it’s all that and WAY more!

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Your Child Will Grow With Every Class

Children are like sponges. They absorb things quickly and easily – far more easily than we do as adults.

In fact, parents can sometimes see a difference in their kids after just one martial arts class. Each additional class they attend expands their knowledge and growth.

Ninjas (Ages 4-6) have 3 options:
- Mon / Wed @ 4:00pm
- Tues / Thur @ 4:00pm
- Tues / Thur @ 4:45pm

Samurai (Ages 7-11) have 4 options:
- Mon / Wed @ 4:45pm
- Tues / Thur @ 5:30pm
- Mon / Wed @ 5:45pm
- Tues / Thur @ 6:30pm

Teens (12-15) are on Mon / Wed @ 6:30pm

Help Your Child Channel Their Energy Into Positivity

Martial arts training puts a strong emphasis on the importance of focus, and that carries over to home and the classroom, as well as the playground and beyond.

Through repetition and memorization, kids learn that they need to focus to excel in our martial arts academy. They learn the mental discipline to avoid distractions and pursue their goals.

Today’s kids often have difficulty with paying attention, but martial arts training helps keep their eyes on the prize.

Not only are they getting healthier as they learn martial arts, they’re also learning the value of self-discipline and respect. When you enroll your child in a martial arts class, you’re giving them much more than the physical skills we teach. You’re giving them the opportunity to thrive.

Sky High Confidence

Watch your child’s confidence skyrocket as they meet new friends and learn new skills.

Training in the martial arts is a lot of fun but it isn’t always easy. Meeting and overcoming challenges is how we build confidence and expand our comfort zone.

Everytime a child steps on the mats they are challenged mentally, physically and socially.

Develop Resilience

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a hands on martial art and your child will come out of their shell as they learn, practice and execute their techniques with different partners each class.

Your child will learn the patience, discipline and self control to think clearly in difficult situations and most of all, they will learn that they have what it takes to succeed.

What do parents have to say?

"Paradigm is fantastic for anyone who is looking for a program for their children. After trying many different things for our son, he just didn’t seem too enthusiastic towards anything. He was invited by a friend to come to a class and he is hooked. The coaches are amazing giving 110% to keep the kids engaged, all while teaching them good values and building confidence. We are truly happy to have found the Paradigm team. Five stars all around."

Winston Ho

"Such a wonderful team of coaches. They go above and beyond and exceed our expectations especially throughout this time. My son is thriving and enjoying his sessions thanks to his wonderful coaches. We appreciate you guys! I have recommended this organization to our friends who will be signing their son up as well. Way to go coaches!"

Angela Russo

"We signed up our Son for Summer camp and are extremely happy with the results, he is motivated every morning to get ready to head out, talks about his experiences and his love for his Coaches.
It's a great feeling knowing he is getting attention and is interacting with other kids as we try to manage work and life balance and sometimes we get too busy with work while the kids are stuck at home..
So Happy he has this as an outlet rather then sitting on his tablet all day not exercising and just playing video games.

Team Paradigm all the way!!"

Donato Licursi

"Paradigm Martial A rts has been a blessing for my child. Paradigm has taught her discipline, strength, defending herself, having fun on top of so many more lessons.
My daughter was bullied at school to the point where the other boy got physical with her. She was in a position where the boy held her down and wouldn't let her go. My Child instinctively defended herself and got out of the situation with the lessons taught by Paradigm. So proud of her and absolutely happy she is enrolled with this great Martial Arts Gym."

Theo DeAngelis

"Couldn’t have asked for better! The coaches are amazing, and my son loves every minute of class. Virtually or in person, the coaches never disappoint."

Josie Casala

"The coaching team at Paradigm are truly a group of the most amazing people who are so genuine and care about their students and are incredible with kids! We have our son in their program and soon his brother will join when a bit older and it has done so much for his confidence and sense of well being and it is such a great approach and program. Thank you to coaches Jason, Kyle and Cam for being so awesome! Highly recommend!!!"

Tina Shiels

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50% OFF!
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